About Us


Our aim is to assist entrepreneurs and business owners in the Small Medium Enterprise (SME) in the management and growth of their business. We strive to be industry leaders and ambassadors of our craft and offer a professional service to all of our clients.


To achieve our aims by employing our time, skills and knowledge and utilising the technology and methodology at our disposal to ensure that we deliver on our promise. We firmly believe that our unique approach to our staff and extensive reach in terms of our social responsibility will assist our immediate circle in achieving our ambitious vision.

Our Story

Sebenza, meaning “work” or in broader terms “working together”, echoes all that we stand for. Ubuntu is in our blood and our unique approach has been crafted over 30 years of dedication.

The company was established in 1987 and has existed with its core staff in one form or another uninterrupted. The founding fathers believed that the industry approach to the Small Medium Enterprise (SME) sectors were diluted and unfocussed and aimed, from day one, to change this approach and improve the perspective of clients in these sectors. Through persistence and an immense will to always go the extra mile they soon established Sebenza as a force to be reckoned

Effective and Efficient service with a large focus on client satisfaction has kept this vision alive over the past 30 years. We firmly believe that our staff is our most precious asset and by taking care of them they will in turn take good care of our clients, a sentiment first established by the very influential and successful international entrepreneur, Sir Richard Branson.


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